It has been 8 days since Marbella Vice, the new great content creators event and football or music personalities who this time meet on a server GTA Online (included in GTA V) to live all kinds of adventures in a parody of the city of Marbella located in the South of Spain.

The first week has left us with a lot of hilarious moments, sauces like the expulsion of Twitch from ElXokas because one of the participants used N-Word during role-playing and large audiences thanks to the participation of some of the most important personalities of the internet. .

Thanks to TV TOP we know today all 10 streamers popular ms of this first week, a ranking that leads Auronplay with an average audience of 157,700 viewers reaching 299,100 during his golden minute in the first live that took place on April 11. Second and far, far away is Ibai with 66,600 viewers on average and in third place rubius with 57,500. You have the complete ranking below:

Almost a million viewers during the first live

Marbella Vice It has been a whole hearing success content creators achieved gather almost 1 million viewers who were attentive to the characters that had created streamers for this adventure in “Los Santos Marbella” in which we can find (fictitiously) the Civil Guard, groups of bikers, retired NBA players, traffickers and a large multitude of characters created to entertain the audience of these creators of content.

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