A few days ago Ibai Llanos, the well-known content creator of the Basque Country, announced Marbella Vice, your own content creators event that follows in the footsteps of Egoland or Arcadia to bring together different personalities from the internet world (and from sports or other sectors) in the same place and start making a series of videos and live shows focused on a video game.

In the case of Ibai, it has decided to create Marbella Vice, a server of GTA Online (the multiplayer game that was included in GTA V for free) inspired by Marbella that for Ibai is the place of Spain that “looks as close to GTA as possible as a video game“.

To get the server going, Ibai has had the help of Jacky (also known as CooLifeGame) in addition to having the support of the creators of the Outsiders server (one of the most famous GTA Roleplay servers) to create a game. server in which they can hold all kinds of events, have great security and develop a story around GTA.

When does Marbella Vice start? – Date

The streamer Basque yesterday published a video explaining all this and also revealing the date on which The server will open its doors for 150 content creators to be on Sunday, April 4., an ideal date with many people on Easter holidays who are going to take the opportunity to kick off this new series of content creators.

Qu Streamers participarn?

Here is a list with all participants of Marbella Vice, list that we will updating as they get to know each other New names and participants of this GTA Online role-playing server:

  • Ibai
  • CooLifeGame
  • rubius
  • Cristinini
  • JuanSGuarnizo
  • AgentMaxo
  • AriaGameplays
  • Folagor
  • Carola
  • Zeling
  • The Grefg
  • DjMariio
  • Spursito
  • Auronplay
  • Perxita
  • Ges
  • Carolina April
  • Vicens
  • Ampeterby
  • Elchurches
  • Minus thirteen
  • Luh
  • HIT GG
  • Bladecito
  • Destroy
  • Ded
  • Hardy
  • Trolero
  • Outconsumer
  • Morphains
  • Gemma
  • Davilin
  • Zunk
  • Alkapone
  • Lakshart Nia

Role yes, but relaxed

During the presentation video of Marbella Vice Ibai himself has wanted to clarify that the server not be pure roleplay strict as can be seen in other servers of the style but that the participants they can roleplay in a relaxed way without having to always be playing a character.

Obviously there is going to be a roleplay“Ibai comments,”But you will not have to follow the story of your character 100%, if in a moment you leave the role for whatever reason, nothing will happen, it will be a very soft roleplay where each one of the important thing is going to be that He is with his colleagues, that he meets with content creators in the middle of Los Santos or in the middle of Marbella in this case and that each one build their story“.

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