Area 51. Journalists from youtube sixpenny. Governments that hide terrible secrets. And of course, green sharks that eat ships. All that comes out in the first trailer of Truth Quest, the additional content of Maneater to arrive the August, 31 from 2021 to PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One (nothing has been said about the Nintendo Switch version). The DLC promises more action at the controls of a mutant shark while parodying the dynamics of conspiracy theories.

Truth Quest take the sharks (and the players who control them) to a new location, Port Clovis, where will there be new mutations, challenges, wildlife and much more to eat, explore and evolve. There will be a free demo, which Tripwire, the developer, calls a “pilot episode”, which offers between ten and 15 minutes of gameplay.

“Starring the bull shark and the investigative journalist and narrator Trip Westhaven, Maneater: Truth Quest lead players into a den of dark secrets and conspiracies surrounding Port Clovis and the Naval Wildlife Organization (NWO)“Reads the synopsis provided by Tripwire.” The Indian stories of animals growing armor like bones, emitting flesh-ripping toxins and using electricity as a weapon were just old fisherman’s tales. “

“Until the conspiracy theorists around the world pointed to the original Maneater as solid evidence of a government cover-up, “the story continues.” Trip Westhaven, on the brink of insanity, sets off in your ViewTube channel Truth Quest to take his followers, the ‘Questers’, to the deepest waters to discover the dark secrets that lie behind this tale. “

New types of missions, final bosses and more

The DLC increase the maximum level up to 40, which will allow access to a new set of evolutions and five new organs (one of them will be unlocked at level 35). In addition to a Additional Predator Apex and various creatures to hunt, there will be five new bosses, military forces that will attack from beaches, fortresses and helicopters and two new types of mission: one in which you will have to swim through hoops before time runs out and another in which you will have to destroy objects with the tail to finish the objective.

Maneater is available on various subscription services. It was offered on PlayStation Plus in January and has been on Xbox Game Pass for PC, consoles and Xbox Cloud Gaming since May. You can read our analysis here.

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