The October 29, 2004 one of the most important games in history has arrived in stores in Spain, which for many is one of the best sandboxes ever created by Rockstar that “kidnapped” many of us for hours and hours that we spent glued to the screen in company of CJ and other charismatic characters from Los Santos.

We are talking, of course, about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, one of the most iconic titles in the most recent history of the video game that many fans continue to play, enjoy and in many cases also ask for some kind of remake so you can enjoy it with improved graphics.

To meet the request of these fans, even if only with a video, YouTube channel Fat Dino has decided to create a remake from the intro from GTA San Andreas because “Rockstar won’t“, using the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 To build the city of Los Santos from scratch and the modeling of all the characters that appear during the first bars of the game, CJ included in addition to adding effects such as Ray Tracing.

I have remade the cinematic intro of GTA: San Andreas using Unreal Engine 4. GTA: SA is one of the best games of all time so it should have a remake, Rockstar, please!“Fat Dino comments in his video description.

Another recreation took place in Spain with a viral video

Of course Fat Dino is not the first or the last to pay tribute to GTA San Andreas since a few weeks ago we saw a viral video recorded in Spain in which homage is paid to the work of Rockstar that has not launched a new GTA for 8 years. the latest installment in the GTA V saga that is still in fashion among other things thanks to GTA Online and events like Marbella Vice.

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