SEGA y Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, estudio responsable de la saga Yakuza, they announced Lost Judgment last May, a direct sequel to the hit spin-off starring Takayuki Yagami. This new title will go on sale on September 24 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and Xbox One (not coming to PC “for now”), and those responsible have wanted to open their mouths by showing their spectacular cinematic intro.

In the trailer that you can see below these lines, the intro of Lost Judgment, an impressive video with which those responsible for the game wanted to show off its tone and graphics. It also has the song race by jon-YAKITORY in collaboration with Ado, a song that gives a powerful touch to the video.

New style of martial arts, new investigative tools and much more

Lost Judgment coming to consoles this year after the first installment of this series spin-off from Yakuza has managed to place more than a million copies worldwide. I will do it with a whole new story in which Detective Yagami and his partner, ex-yakuza Masaharu KaitoThey will face a new seemingly perfect case, an unsolvable crime whose main suspect has an irrefutable alibi.

Detective Yagami en Lost Judgment.

This new game once again emphasizes combat in real time – a system whose witness has been collected from the saga Yakuza, which from now on will be limited to turn-based role-playing games-, with new styles of martial arts like Snake, more oriented to the deflection of blows taking advantage of the opponent’s strength. The styles of the first installment will also return, such as Crane and Tiger, as well as the investigation sequences, although here we will also have new tools and gadgets.

Lost Judgment He seeks to improve an adventure that was already highly recommended, delving deeper into his identity that differentiates him from Yakuza. At the playable level it is a ‘more and better’ “, we say in this article, where we tell you all we know del prximo juego de Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

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