Lost Judgment, the sequel to spin-off of the saga Yakuza, is warming up for its launch next September 24 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. After a surprising controversy related to image rights of the protagonist and despite the fact that for the moment it may stay out of Steam, the game tries to excite users with trilers full of news. The last of them, published yesterday by the SEGA Europe channel, shows us the wide possibilities to offer Lost Judgment regarding its playability, specifically the devices and techniques that will be at our disposal.

Wide arsenal of gadgets and various gameplay possibilities

Sega’s action thriller will have a very generous array of tools for detective privado Takayuki Yagami, including a noise amplifier, a signal detector and a detective dog to collect the necessary evidence. Regarding the actions related to the investigation, the video game will have a parkour system very curious when it comes to avoiding obstacles while trying to hunt down a suspect. In addition, we can follow the track of various characters from the Isezaki Ijincho city, located in Yokohama. There will be no shortage of alternative costumes to disguise ourselves and go unnoticed or a system to take photos and investigate the environments in search of clues.

The tools that our private detective can count on do not end here; in fact, we’ve only just listed a few of them.
The Sound amplifier be our greatest ally when listening to close conversations, the seal detector to search for clues and the detective dog be our inseparable companion when looking for suspects on the streets or to throw us a cable during street fights. Regarding combat actions, it is important to point out that Yagami has numerous combat skills and techniques ranging from fast, forceful attacks and even acrobatic ones.

Leisure time is also important to the detective

What is a good detective without his innate talent for posing as someone else? Detective Takayuki Yagami infiltrate like a covert monitor in a student club in order to get information out of the students. Clearing time is important during a long investigation, so the detective can also spend his downtime releasing tension in intense boxing matches or participate in a fun rhythm game in which we can delight in his advanced dance steps. It seems little to you? Remember that Lost Judgment include a Master System with playable Alex Kidd in Miracle World and as many titles.

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