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The award-winning game for mobile and PC Lords Mobile has received a completely new gameplay offering a fun and challenging way to play in a title that hasn’t stopped expanding since it was released five years ago, when it won the Best Competitive Game award at the Google Play Awards. If it you download from this exclusive link from Vandal for Android or for iPhone / iPad, you will receive a apprentice pack valued at 100 euros.

The new way, “Magic portal”, is based on 3 minute stages with fun and challenging fast and competitive games where players have to use your letters wisely to claim victory. This is achieved destroying the enemy fortress, demolishing the towers from the enemy portal or killing all enemies. By doing so, you will still get more cards and rewards to participate with more power in successive stages. You have no limit of attempts to participate in the Magic Portal and does not consume resources, being 15 the maximum level of cards and being able to unlock new cards in chests from stage 3 of chapter 1.

“Magic Portal” comes at a very sweet moment for the game. For one thing, because it just conclude a collaboration event with Saint Seiya, better known in these parts as The Knights of the Zodaco, where you could get Seiya as the main hero and enjoy Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki and Athenea as NPCs and as avatars for the player profile. Following this collaboration, IGG ensures that a future seek to collaborate with other famous intellectual properties.

IGG’s 15th anniversary is celebrated with events across all of its games

On the other hand, because the developer IGG celebrates its 15th anniversary, which will be a source of joy for the players of their games since they will all receive new modes, content and events. From Castle Clash a Mobile Royale, passing by Omega Legends, Valiant Tales and many others.

The case of Time Princess. The Singaporean company has added new dresses and materials that will add options to this interactive novel in which the players travel through different stories, novels and legends, dressing according to each epoch or universe: the world of genie of the lamp and the cave of 40 thieves, as a singer in The Phantom of the Pear, on the French Revolution as Marie Antoinette, discovering plots of gangsters in the United States of the 1920s, vampires in victorian london

You already like the games of strategy, RPGs, visual novels, tower defense, the puzzles, MOBAs, trading cards, city building, MMOs or simulation, in the IGG catalog there is something for everyone, and there is no better time to enter their titles than during the company’s 15th anniversary.

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