Little Nightmares 2 bursts into the Spanish and international markets in the past February 11th, moment in which Tarsier Studios He invited us to immerse ourselves in his chilling proposal. Accompanying a small protagonist, the players perform a tragic tour Throughout a world that has fallen into disgrace and madness. In a matter of a month, this adventure has reach one million copies sold, showing that this saga continues to enjoy the favor of the community. It is available in both PC as on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and aims to launch into PS5 y Xbox Series X/S.

Players surrender to Little Nightmares 2

This new installment of the saga created by Tarsier Studios he has it took only one month to get to one million copies sold, as reported Bandai Namco Europe in a press release. In comparison, the Little Nightmares original it took a whole year to achieve this sales milestone, after launching in 2017. Currently, the combined sales of the two games now exceed all five million copies.

In the same press release, Bandai Namco also confirmed that they have plans to continue growing the series; including the Very Little Nightmares mobile game and a digital comic for iOS and Android devices. “Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe invests in continuing this growth, both with games and other entertainment content, to ensure the lasting success of the saga“wrote the editor.

Little Nightmares only needed a month to reach one million copies sold

While its playable mechanics are mostly the same again (although there are certain new features that fans of Portal love them), Little Nightmares 2 returns to the lives of the players to provide a new dose of terror that has its own stamp. The strange world of Tarsier Studios continues to dazzle users, and It won’t be a surprise if Bandai plans to greenlight a third installment. that serves to join the ends that these two games have raised.

“We are again afraid of Tarsier’s hand, with a most entertaining horror adventure that knows how to catch us until the end“, we write in our analysis.

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