The chairs for players came to stay a few years ago, first being anecdotally present in the stores of Spain to gradually settle through different brands and models with designs created to improve the comfort of the players during long sessions with their players. Favorite PC or console.

After landing it is increasingly common to see how some brands create chairs for players with special designs that pay tribute to a video game, series or movie and in the case of which we are talking today is the Chinese brand Lenovo the one who wanted to create a very special chair inspired by one of the most popular anime of recent months.

The manga and anime in question is Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japn o Guardians of the night en Espaa) that tells us the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a boy who meets his sister turned into a demon and who begins a peak journey to try to save her while preventing her from being hunted by other demon hunters.

Demon Slayer chair

The chair that Lenovo has created takes as a reference one of the protagonists from manga and anime, Giyu Tomioka, with the red patterns and the yellow and green print of the wash (a typical Japanese jacket) of this protagonist as well as his katana nichirin typical of the manga that we can see on one side of the chair and that is a replica that as expected we will not be able to extract from its I (sheath).

Of course, if anyone is interested in buying one of these tennis chairs, keep in mind that only five have been made and they will not be put on sale Instead, they will be part of a Lenovo contest in Japan to promote one of their laptops.

Lenovo delves into gaming products

The manufacture of this particular playing chair is only the Lenovo’s latest move into products for gamers Since during the last years we have seen how little by little the Chinese brand entered this market by launching peripherals for players and even a mobile phone that we are talking about here.

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