The collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo emerged last year as an original initiative that seeks to join the world of toys with that of video games. Beyond being just another collaboration between the famous building parts brand and a well-known license, LEGO Super Mario it was a very imaginative attempt to offer a different and more interactive product. The fact of being able to build a scenario of Super Mario with LEGO pieces and the character himself having expressions through digital eyes and mouth depending on what he interacted with were some of the key features of the set.

The new set features Bowser’s blimp and has over 1,000 pieces.

As time passed, the set offer of Super Mario has been increasing. Relatively recently, during the month of April, the reserves of the Luigi’s interactive set, which will be released on the first day of August. The new set of LEGO Super Mario has been leaked and could be one of the largest and most ambitious of all: a Bowser’s aircraft made up of 1,152 pieces and with all kinds of interactive elements, following the philosophy of the previous sets. The new aircraft was discovered in Amazon Australia just a couple of days ago and has been withdrawn, but some images have been rescued before its removal from the web.

Bowser’s Airship Set will not come with Mario and Luigi figures includedas it is designed to accompany the starter set. It could be considered as an expansion or complement of the latter. In addition to the number of parts detailed above, the airship will allow some flexibility when mounting it as an aircraft or as a more common scenario. In addition to the aircraft itself, you can also build a Magikoopa, a Pirate Goomba, and a Rocky Wrench, along with a cannon prepared to launch your characters into the air. We will have to wait for it to be officially announced to know more information about its launch and final price.

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