Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver It is a classic of video games that It was originally launched in Spain and the rest of the world in 1999 and that allowed us to enter a great adventure in which we embodied Raziel, a vampire who after evolving before his leader is condemned to eternal torment, but after managing to survive it and escape, embarks on a journey of revenge in which we had to do everything: jump, fight, solve puzzles and explore to the last span of a fascinating and twisted world as we alternate between two realities.

A Mysterious Updates to a Great Classic

Is about one of the most acclaimed and remembered titles of Crystal Dynamics Today it was very easy to get hold of it in its PC version, since we can buy it for a modest sum of money on Steam. However, the game has just been temporarily removed from Valve’s digital store. The motives? According to Square Enix, they are working on “major updates to the game”.

To this day we do not know what they can refer to by this. Being a game that has been behind for so many years, the logical thing would be to think that they are working on updates that increase their compatibility with current systemsAlthough this is something that we have seen frequently in a multitude of PC games and in the process they have never been marketed as is the case at hand, so perhaps the occasion is being used to introduce new technical and software features. settings that make the experience more pleasant in the middle of 2021.

Despite the love that many fans have for the saga, the last game of Legacy of Kain it was Defiance and was launched in 2004 (As long as we don’t count the strange spin-off of Nosgoth, a failed attempt to make a competitive multiplayer set in his universe that was canceled before leaving its beta phase), so it is striking that right now Square Enix decides look at this title to update it.

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