League of Legends has already launched its new patch 11.9. Riot Games’ flagship game is updated for another week and as reported by the company in the notes of this version, this patch brings numerous Champion tweaks and upgrades, such as the tank system or improvements for some weak objects of fighters. Below we detail in this news everything most relevant.

Champion changes from v11.9

These are, broadly speaking, all balance adjustments and champion changes en la versin 11.9 the League of Legends:

  • Diana: Base armor and health growths reduced. Passive bonus attack speed reduced at early levels.
  • Dr. Mundo: Base armor and DA growths reduced.
  • We are: W bonus resistances reduced. Unit kill limit increased.
  • Gragas: E base damage is reduced at later levels.
  • Hecarim: Base armor reduced. Armor growth increased. Q stacking damage amplification reduced and now scales with bonus AD. W now heals on dealing damage and scales with AD. Damage from E.
  • Heimerdinger: W’s starting rocket damage is reduced at later levels.
  • Jinx: Bug fix for critical impact of Q.
  • Kayn: Q Dark’s damage modifier increased.
  • Kindred: Q cooldown lowered and base damage increased at later levels.
  • Kog’Maw: Q resistances reduction increased. E cost decreased.
  • Lulu: W cooldown reduced. Increase cast bonus attack speed on allies at early ranks.
  • Morgana: W’s damage against non-spike monsters is reduced.
  • Rumble: The bonus damage on hitting superheated from the passive is reduced.
  • Set: W damage ratio increased. R damage ratio increased.
  • Shen: R shield reduced. Now progresses with bonus health.
  • Taric: Q cost reduced at later levels. We have updated the interaction with Master Yi after pairing.
  • Trundle: E slow increased at early skill levels.
  • Vladimir: Q cooldown increased at later levels.
  • Xerath: Q damage increased. W base and buff damage increased at later levels.
LoL - 11.9 Patch Notes

Object updates in v11.9

Mainly these have been the retouched objects most important of the 11.9 version of LoL:

Breastplate of the dead

Dance of death

  • Dao de ataque: 55.
  • Armor: 45.

Moonstone Renovation

  • Star Grace Healing: 70.
  • Star Grace Healing (Ornn’s Enhancement): 70.

Marauder’s Claw

  • Sand Slam Goal: Search for a target in the following order: champion close to 50 units from the cursor, non-champion unit 50 units from the cursor, nearest champion 200 units from the cursor, non-champion unit 200 units from the cursor.

gida of solar fire

  • Bonus damage to immolate against monsters: 150%.
  • Bonus damage to immolate against monsters (Ornn upgrade): 150%.

Turbo chemo tank

  • Bonus Movement Speed: 40%.
  • Bonus Movement Speed ​​(Ornn Upgrade): 40%.

End of wit

  • Prescription: House Ax + Negatron Cloak + Long Sword + 750 gold.
  • Dao de ataque: 40.

Game store update

This version of League also includes a few changes and updates to improve the store.

  • The drop-down menu for object sets has been improved. Now they will serve to achieve success, together.
  • Elixirs now show a cooldown on Quick Buy panels so you know when the most powerful potions will be available.
  • After purchasing a mythical item, the other mythical items will stop bothering you in the settings menu.
  • Ornn’s items will be displayed in the shop if you have the Great Horned on your team.

Upcoming skins and chromas

On this occasion Riot Games has communicated the following new skins and chromas that will arrive throughout this 11.9 version of LoL:

  • New skins available on April 29, 2021: Jhin DWG, Nidalee DWG, Kennen DWG, Leona DWG, Twisted Fate DWG, Jax Conqueror, and Jax Conqueror (Prestige Edition)
  • Nueva chrome front: Jhin DWG, Nidalee DWG, Kennen DWG, Leona DWG, Twisted Fate DWG.

You can consult the notes in full of the patch from this official link. This version also serves to start the Second Qualifier Split from the Rift next May 2. League of Legends is a MOBA that is found totally free for PC gamers. To know more about him you can read our analysis.

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