Donkey Crew has announced that Last Oasis, your new survival game with online multiplayer, ya is available in the program Game Preview for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One at a starting price of 29,99 euros, thus allowing us to play this title in advance on consoles. The game was originally released in March 2020 for PC through Steam’s Early Access program.

A terrible future

And Last Oasis we will plunge into a dystopian future in which the Earth has stopped spinning, forcing the last survivors of humanity to be always on the move to avoid being scorched by the sun. For this we will have a Walker, a gigantic machine that will serve us both as a vehicle and as a base of operations and that we can customize to our liking with a wide variety of options to make it more effective when traveling, collecting resources and even fighting.

Having stopped its rotation, Earth is divided into two halves: a scorching desert and a frozen wastelandSo we will have to learn to survive in these extreme conditions while we search for anything that can help us stay alive for another day.

Title It is planned as an MMO, so the extension of the world will be gigantic and we can meet other players, thus promoting great battles between survivors and that the entire economy of the game is governed by trade between users. Despite this, we will always have the option to play and live adventures alone.

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