The trajectory of Konami It is one of the saddest that we have had to witness in the short but intense history of videogames. A company that for years remained at the top of the industry, which gave us a huge number of great games and mythical sagas, and to which the sector owes a lot for everything that helped to promote this. hobby to turn it into the mass phenomenon that it is today. However, in recent years it has completely disappeared from the map and beyond PES and some other very punctual game, has not released practically anything to the market.

Konami and its projects

However, now the company has issued a statement that could revive the hopes of its fans, since from Konami have just announced that they will not be present at this year’s E3 edition (which will take place between June 12 and 15) due to the fact that they are currently working on several key projects and they want to continue their development.

“Right now we are not prepared to do a presentation at E3 this year“can be read in Konami’s message.” We want to assure our fans that we are working very seriously on a number of key projectsSo stay tuned for updates we will bring you in the coming months. “

At the same time, They also wanted to point out that they fully support the E3 organization and that they hope to continue collaborating with them in the future, so we would not rule out that next year we will see the company again for this important video game fair.

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