eFootball, the new football simulator free to play coming to PS5, PS4, XSX / S, Xbox One, iOS and Android at the beginning of autumn, has been announced a few hours ago officially raising a stir among fans of football video games for the “death” of the license PES and also for a new business model.

Seitaro Kimura, producer of the game, has spoken on the IGN portal about the decision to change the business model of the PES saga which has also ended up completely modifying the brand, something that started boarding two years ago to coincide precisely with the transition between the consoles of the past generation and the new models that are on the market today, PS5 and XSX / S.

We started planning this change about two years ago to coincide with the generational transition of the consoles and changes in the market environment“, comments Kimura. “I think we have already shown that this structure can be successful on mobiles. By applying the same model on all platforms, we hope that more soccer fans will be able to play this game on consoles as well.“, ends.

eFootball was first developed on consoles

During the same interview, Kimura also wanted to reassure virtual football fans by ensuring that eFootball was first developed on consoles and later made ports for iOS and Android. Precisely, one of the reasons for choosing the Unreal Engine 4 was its scalability to be able to easily and quickly adapt the game of football to various platforms.

Remember that eFootball will arrive in early fall and be a constantly expanding game. Weeks after its launch, it will receive two extra game modes as well as crossplay between consoles and already winter is coming a third major update is planned for the new Konami simulator.

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