After Death Stranding, the video game industry is eager to discover what will be the next to reveal from Kojima Productions. It seems that we will have the opportunity to find out very soon, if we listen to the words spoken by the usual collaborator of Hideo Kojima and art director Yoji Shinkawa. It seems that sooner rather than later you will be able to share the information of the new project that they are up to. For the moment, we have yet to carry out one more exercise in patience. We remind you that Death Stranding you can enjoy both on PS4 and PC in Spain and around the world.

Kojima Productions Prepares To Reveal Next Game Imminently

During an interview with Al Hub, they asked Yoji Shinkawa if he could share any details about the company’s second game. After Death Stranding launched in 2019, the community and industry have been waiting to discover what will be the new with what surprise us the team of Hideo Kojima. While Shinkawa was unable to reveal great things, he did say that “early” You can share this information:

“Good, I’m doing something for sure, and could I tell you that we can probably announce it very soon“said Shinkawa, a name that Kojima’s veteran fans know all too well because it was the character and mecha designer of Metal Gear. According to sources previously told, it appears that Kojima was working on an episodic horror game for Stadia, but it appears that the title was canceled sometime last year.

Kojima’s Next Game: Betting on Terror?

Last October, Kojima Productions confirmed that they were hatching a new project. While no specific details were offered at the time either, the truth is that Kojima himself expressed interest in working on a “revolutionary” horror game. After cancellation of Silent Hills and from the Stadia title that he was preparing, it seems that the creative would have wanted to explore this genre … and it is possible that, finally, he will surprise us with a game that makes us shiver with fear.

I would like to make another horror game some day“, he expressed in an interview granted in April of last year. This game used” a revolutionary method to generate terror “, while he confessed that he already had” some ideas in mind “to develop a project “That not only makes you pee your pants, but shit them”. In November 2019, Kojima also reverted to his desire to create a “creepy” horror game.

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