In 2021, Hideo Kojima has his fans and his detractors, but is undoubtedly considered one of the industry leading names and video game culture, at the level of others like Shigeru Miyamoto. That is why it is strange to see someone who has signed such relevant works as Death Stranding and the saga Metal Gear Solid talk about their orgenes humildes, in which the Japanese creative stopped by the store where they exhibited their game to hand out flyers and turn up the volume to loudspeakers to attract potential buyers of Metal Gear Y Snatcher.

Kojima posted a tweet at dawn on July 14, rescued by Kotaku, where he told an anecdote from 1988: “In the summer of my 23rd birthday my first game was published (Metal Gear). Since it was not from NES, there were no television commercials and not sold in the toy section, which was very crowded at the time; since it was from MSX, it was discreetly placed in the PC software section of an electronics store. “

“Even so, I would go to the store every day, pick up pamphlets and give them to the people around me,” confesses Kojima, who adds: “I also bought three copies of the software myself.”.

Kojima’s misadventures in stores don’t end there. “In the summer of my 25th birthday my second game was published,” he says in reference to Snatcher. The story continues in a similar way: it was a computer game (specifically, MSX and PC-88) and hardly had any promotion. What changes is the technique: from handing out pamphlets to sneakily turn up the volume on your computer monitor which was playing the game demo.

The sticks in the wheels of Policenauts

History repeats itself with Policenauts: “In the summer of my 30th birthday my second original adventure was published.” The game was released on PC, displayed in an electronics store, and does not “attract any particular attention”. The Japanese creative assures that he did not have at home the computer for which it was developed, the PC-9821. “I didn’t have any hardware, but I still went to the store every day to have a look.”

Concluding (for now) his series of tweets in which he looks back, he also talks about when in spring 1995, when he was 30 years old, he released a “pilot version” “hastily” from a game I was working on for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. Talk about the version for that console of Policenauts, which had a Policenauts: Pilot Disk in April of that year before the final premiere in September.

“3DO was still strong and sold quite well. However, when the full version was released in the fall, PlayStation and Saturn were [las consolas] major and the 3DO version was selling quietly, “laments Kojima.

Much has happened and Hideo Kojima has become one of the few author of the video game. On the afternoon of this July 15, he published another tweet: “I have analyzed the trailers I have made in the past, and I have to say that it is all very well done. Lol”.

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