Knockout City It was launched on the Spanish and world markets on May 21, a date that also started the free trial Private party. While the event has now ended, bringing together 2 million players, players can still enjoy a trial at no additional cost on all platforms: on PC (Steam, Epic Games y Origin), PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Store), Xbox One (Microsoft Store) and Nintendo Switch (eShop).

Knockout City, the popular dodgeball from EA

While the celebration of the Private party ended yesterday, new players can still enjoy the free trial of Knockout City, both on PC and consoles. This version without costs allows us to play up to rank 25, before having to go on to buy the title. It should be noted that the price of the game is 19,99 , and is also included in the subscription of EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The proposal of this title, developed by Velan Studios (parents of Mario Kart Home: Live Circuit), gives players intense dodgeball battles. During the games we will have to learn to master the art of throwing, catching, passing and dodging the ball, betting strongly on competitiveness. In fact, to give the formula a twist, we can use different types of balls: from Running Ball to Exploding Ball or Cage Ball, we catch our opponents; wave Luna Ball, that defy gravity.

We can play Knockout City for free up to rank 25

As we detail in our analysis, Knockout City is characterized to be an accessible title for all types of players, with a “good learning curve” and stands as an ideal option when we want play fast games to a title. “It’s one of those perfect games to play a handful of games from time to time with friends”, we noted in our review.

We remind you that Knockout City is available in PC, PS4, Xbox One y Nintendo Switch; on all these platforms you can find a free trial up to rank 25. It can also be enjoyed at PS5 y Xbox Series X/S thanks to backward compatibility.

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