Kncokout City, a new team multiplayer video game featuring dodgeball-inspired action, is now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This game from Electronic Arts and Velan Studios offers from now until May 30 to participate for free in the Private party 9 days, a series of festivals spearheaded by celebrities and video game personalities, including actress Brie Larson, BrookeAB and Sykkuno, who will come together to play against fans for glory.

“Combining the intense emotion of the competition, the humor and the absurdity of the dodgeball, Knockout City Challenge the rogues of the dodgeball to a fast-paced gameplay experience with their own style. The players of Knockout City discover interactive environments as they battle their way through five action-packed multiplayer maps and six different types of balls, “says Electronic Arts. Players will also be able to” play the bug ball “and become a weapon for their teammates to throw. Thanks to the game and progression crossed up to 32 friends can team up on different platforms, and even switch from it with your progress intact, to take down rival crews and be crowned the best.

Characters and teams are customizable, allowing stylish players to show off their unique look with hundreds of cosmetic items and progression levels including outfits, hairstyles, gliders, taunts, KO effects, and more.

The Private Party

The Private party It runs through May 30 at 2:00 PM and includes a series of events featuring game broadcasts, team matchups, developer challenges, and more. The events calendar is as follows:

  • May 22nd: The community squad sets off as the streamers invite their communities to help them achieve goals in the game to unlock prizes for their audience. Watch Brie Larson, BrookeAB, and Sykkuno team up to play 3v3 live on Brie’s YouTube channel.
  • May 23: Start showing off gang customizations: content creator rogue logos, banners and icons
  • May 24: Join the Knockout City Discord to play rounds of Knockout City with the dev team, chat about the game, and hang out.
  • May 25: Start of the first season: “This Is Knockout City” Arrives With A New Map Called Music Interchange, A Weekly Deployment Of Eight New Playlists, League Play, Season Contracts, Weekly Gang Contracts And More
  • May 26: First round of Against the Developers, in which players can attempt to take down developers in the game to get special prizes.
  • may 27th: Second round of Against the developers.
  • May 28: Day 1 of the Community Tournament, in which 64 teams from North America and 64 from Europe will compete for a chance to be crowned victors.
  • May 29: Day 2 of the Community Tournament, in which the top 8 teams from both regions on Day 1 continue to compete for a prize pool of $ 10,000 in North America and $ 5,000 in Europe.
  • May 30: The Private Party ends at 2:00 p.m.

Players who decide to acquire Kncokout City for 19.99 during the Private party They will have access to rewards that they can wear immediately, such as a peak outfit, a hairstyle, glasses, a glider, a pose, a KO effect, player icons and 500 Holo Greens. EA Play members will have unlimited access to the full game starting May 21 and not only will they receive all of the above rewards, but they will also receive an exclusive member reward, the Peak Outfit “In Position”.

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