Journalist Jeff Grubb does not give up and keeps trying ensuring that Microsoft will be preparing the elimination of the subscription to Xbox Live Gold, which will mean that online multiplayer on Xbox consoles will become completely free in the same way that this service is no longer needed to be able to enjoy the titles free-to-play.

“In the past I have said that Xbox Live Gold is going away and when I started saying that was when Xbox Live Gold was still a requirement to be able to play free games,” said Grubb. “I knew they were going to make a change to this before Halo Infinite because it will mean charging Xbox players to play Halo when PC players don’t have to pay anything. “

Jeff Grubb reaffirms

“So they decided to increase the price and it seemed weird, right? Why would they do that if they were going to get rid of Xbox Live Gold? So I’m going to reaffirm myself: Xbox Live Gold is still on a table that says ‘this is going to go away sometime’. I don’t know if it’s something they are actively talking about now, but their roadmap says Xbox Live Gold will disappear in the future. “

To explain the fact that Microsoft has not yet eliminated the Xbox Live Gold subscription, the journalist assures that the company is trying to reach a certain number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers before executing this plan: “Eliminating Xbox Live Gold could take years because the goal now is to get Game Pass to a very healthy position.“.

“Now that’s fine, but before E3 they experienced a slowdown in their growth and I think some people at Microsoft might be a little anxious thinking about the need they have for it to grow. The problem is that they are still waiting for great games to arrive. service”. According to comments, Microsoft will need to reach 40 or 50 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers in order to dispose of Xbox Live Gold.

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