It Takes Two is the new and fun proposal of Josef Fares, creative that has already given us cooperative adventures Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. Once again he has turned on the stove of the Hazelight studio to introduce us a colorful, humorous and very exciting formula with a story starring Cody and May. But, in addition, Fares has also been in charge of laugh at yourself: no slo has been provided to capture the movements for the hilarious Dr. Hakim, the magical book that is in charge of guiding history; but has also included the phrase ‘Fuck the Oscars!’ a modo de easter egg.

It Takes Two, a game where Josef Fares also laughs at himself

After It Takes Two will be launched last week in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S, fans have discovered that the title’s spatial level includes an easter egg that allows fans just listen to Fares’s “Fuck the Oscars”, along with your statements. The level includes a hidden satellite, as pointed out by the YouTube channel xGarbett, which allows us to listen to excerpts from Fares’s intervention at The Game Awards 2017.

If you do not remember this mythical chapter in the history of the video game industry, do not worry: we get into the time machine and we remind you what the situation was like. It was the year 2017 And, like every December, it was time to celebrate The Game Awards gala. Presented by Geoff Keighley, the delivery of the awards included the stellar appearance of Josef Fares. I was about to launch A Way Out and Fares, a strong defender of video games as an art form, exclaimed the mythical phrase charging against the Hollywood industry. “Fuck the Oscars!”he exclaimed.

It Takes Two includes Josef Fares’ star moment at The Game Awards 2017

The next day, Fares recounted in an interview with Polygon what he meant by saying these words: he was looking for “illustrate” the inferiority complex that the video game sector feels about other established art forms, such as the world of cinema or television. “Not that I have anything against the Oscars. But there’s a lot of talk about, you know, ‘This is like the Oscars. At The Game Awards themselves we talked about being ‘like the Oscars’. And it’s like … come on, man, it’s time for people to understand that video games are serious art“.

You can either hate him or love him, but you certainly can’t deny that Fares is a staunch fan of video games and defender of its more artistic conception. In fact, only the beginning of It Takes Two makes us inevitably think about the beginning of a Disney or Pixar movie, with nothing to envy to these productions. And personally, my respects always go to everyone who is able to laugh at themselves the way Fares has. By the way, he has also said that if you can get bored by playing It Takes Two pay them 1000 dollars.

“Josef Fares and his team do it again with a hilarious and charming cooperative adventure that makes its variety of situations its great attraction “, we wrote in our analysis.

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