It is common for simulation video games or those that realistically replicate our world to have someone else who says: “This is not true enough to reality.” Rarer is that, to demonstrate his point of view, said player is able to disseminate classified documents of the United Kingdom government, thus incurring an illegality for which he could pass 14 wings between bars. And incidentally, it has put the game developers at a crossroads, they have since PC Games N.

All this has taken place in the official forums of War Thunder, the Tank war MMO for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. One user said that the British tank Challenger 2 needed adjustments: the gap between the base of the barrel and the armor on the front of the tank is too wide. To show that he knew what he was talking about, he said it was a commander of that type of tank and gunnery instructor, and I uploaded the forum Army Challenger 2 Team Support Post, a classified maintenance manual and guide.

Challenger 2 tanque real

The developers, the Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, have deleted most of the posts posted by the user, and of course, the link to the aforementioned document. This is because the team cannot use that classified information in any way because they will be committing an illegality regardless of how they obtained the data, they report UK Defence Journal, a newspaper specialized in military information.

The UK government has alerted the Russian study

The UK Ministry of Defense contacted the Russian studio to inform them that the documents have not been declassified, as explained by a forum moderator, who passed on to the players the following words from a community manager From the team: “We made it very clear that we do not handle any original material unless it is publicly available and fully declassified.

The same moderator also warned the alleged Challenger 2 commander: “If you continue to broadcast [las imgenes] ests violating the Official Secrets Act as reflected in the notice on the cover of the document, a violation that may lead to a sentence of up to 14 years in prison if brought to trial“.

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