Epic Games Store has recently updated its promotion of free titles for PC as it happens every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). On this occasion, the platform has chosen to give Ironcast Y Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead until next Thursday, July 15, what to be when they will allow to obtain Obduction Y Offworld Trading Company at zero cost. As in previous occasions, users only have to add both titles to the library and they will keep them free forever.

Construction and battles between robots await you

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, the title that mixes the universe of AMC’s zombie series with the puzzle game Bridge Constructor, it will normally cost 9.99. According to the description provided by the Epic Games platform, the game has been developed by ClockStone Software and it is the definitive cross between both sagas. The main mechanics revolves around the construction of bridges and other types of buildings in landscapes with some disenchantment and team up with the series’ most beloved characters, such as Daryl, Michonne or Eugene. The player also has the possibility to craft deadly traps to crush walkers, which have very peculiar and fun animations.

Ironcast, for its part, is a video game with a radically different proposal. At Epic Games they are aware that variety lies in taste, so they have chosen to offer a title inspired by the Victorian science fiction set in an alternate history. Elegant-dressed men and women control gigantic war machines and his mission is nothing more than to destroy the enemies of the British Empire with a turn-based combat system. For those who like strong emotions, from the Dreadbit Games studio they have prepared a challenging modo campaa estilo roguelite where death is permanent. The title was available for 12.99, so it’s a great opportunity to claim it for free.

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