Hakan Abrak, the president of IO Interactive, has explained in a recent interview with IGN that the new video game of James Bond they are working on will tell us a whole new story, so I will not be based on any film or novel of the most famous spy in the world.

A new Bond for the video game industry

“It is important to mention that making a licensed game is something new for us,” said Abrak. “We have always worked with our own licenses. We have created the characters and everything from scratch. For us it is very important that this game is not the adaptation of a movie, so not be a game about a specific movie whose story has already been told. “

Creating a digital Bond is very important to us. A Bond for the video game industry … So it will be a completely original story. ”Obviously, this also implies that 007’s appearance will not be based on that of any actor, as detailed by Abrak himself.

“There is always a lot of anticipation for a new Bond. It is amazing what has been done with the license over the years. Each Bond defines a generation and it is amazing how they have managed to reinvent it so many times over so many years. we are not going to be inspired only by a movie or game. We are going to be inspired by the whole license to make our new Bond and our new story completely faithful and recognizable“.

Today no further details are known about the game, so we do not know its name, its approximate release date or the platforms on which it will be released. The most recent title of the study was Hitman 3, a work that we analyze in Vandal a few months ago and which we valued with a score of remarkably high.

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