Provisionally baptized as Project 007In November 2020, we heard the news that IO Interactive is preparing a title that invites us to become James Bond, the mythical character created in Ian Fleming’s novels. While the studio has previously noted that this project could be the first in a trilogy, their job postings have recently shed more light on this proposition: it appears to be a game of stealth and action in the third person. All this while IO opened an office in Barcelona at the beginning of the year.

Project 007: El James Bond de IO Interactive

According to the IO Interactive job listing, we were able to discover the first details Project 007: we are talking about a game of action, stealth and a third person perspective that take us to the spy world of James Bond. The title seems to have certain elements of the adventure genre, and have a renewed artificial intelligence system. In addition, IO seems to intend to progressively add maps, enemies, and challenges that will adapt to the player’s actions.

In terms of history, Project 007 do not adapt any film in itself: the video game present an original story starring Bond, with the players playing Agent 007 himself. IO may choose to tell us the origins of the character, developing his story in the two future installments that they are also considering launching. As Hakan Abrak, CEO of the study pointed out, it is about the project “more ambitious” in which they have worked.

An original story that allows us to know the beginnings of James Bond

For the moment we will have to wait for Project 007 Get a little more shape before you find out when this title will hit the market. We also know that the title I will use the Glacier engine, which they have employed to forge the latest installments of Hitman, while working closely with EON and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The Danish studio got the IP producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson to grant them the license.

The studio would have been preparing this moment for years, knowing that Broccoli was not particularly happy with the previous games. We will have to wait to see if the Danes can do justice to this beloved character.

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