Today an internal Microsoft document that has been filtered out on a legal resource page as a result of the start of the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple. This document reveals certain information about the company, such as the exclusivity of certain independent titles coming soon to Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, but one of the things that attracts the most attention is a resea interna from The Last of Us Parte II with which the company analyzes the quality of the PS4 exclusive and its impact on both the industry and the community.

This review performs a description of the strengths of Naughty Dog’s game, as well as its weaknesses: “It incorporates many narrative chapters in the style of walking simulator (…) It may not be what the players expected, but they are exceptionally well done and show what other games, especially purely narrative adventure games, should achieve with their characters’ dialogue, presentation and interpretation “, can be read in the document.

The confidential text also explains that The Last of Us Parte II sacrifices player agency in order to achieve a straighter narrative with high production values ​​and it is concluded that the medium also needs games that do not allow the audience to influence the story, but rather treat the audience as the active viewer of a story.

“Naughty Dog still can’t do a decent match”

About the gameplay of The Last of Us Parte II, the Xbox review says that gives players a lot of freedom so they can improvise on each level; They highlight the difference in size between the scenarios of this second part compared to the first, as well as the improvement in the enemy’s AI and the variety of possible situations and paths to choose from. That’s right, they note that Naughty Dog “still can’t make a decent firearms combat system.” and that it has not been able to do so in “none of its titles”, underlining the “none”.

Captura de The Last of Us Parte II.

The review ends with the following concussion: “It is an extremely unique video game in which ultimately the advancement of the narrative art of the video game as a medium prevails, over whether it likes or amuses everyone. Having said that, we loved it, we had a great time playing and we keep thinking about their characters and stories even after we finish the game. “

The Last of Us Parte II is available on PS4 and PS5 via backward compatibility. You can read our review here and our guide here.

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