Nintendo’s massive leak, which began late last year, has exposed a lot of confidential information. This morning we talked about the canceled title of The Legend of Zelda by Retro Studios starring Sheik and early Wiimote designs, the nintendo wii remote. According to this new report (via Nintendo Life), a video game by Metroid from Intelligent Systems (responsible for the saga Fire Emblem) was in development, as well as many other titles for Wii of some consolidated sagas and new licenses.

List of titles planned for Wii

You can consult the original source through the user MondoMega in Resetera, which is updating the information it collects on the massive leak from Nintendo. The list that you can read below includes several discarded video games, as well as name changes and slight title adjustments that were finally released for the Nintendo console.

  • Tennis for Wii, a standalone video game that was supposed to end up being included in Wii Sports.
  • Excitetruck It is known as the “toughest race in the world”; the notes say “A racing game that looks like a 4WD truck version of Excitebike with realistic graphics. ”
  • Project Hammer appears as Hammer Man. The notes say that they had the objective of “creating a type game Dynasty Warriors sold in North America. “
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn it is called simply Fire Emblem GC 2. “The direction is to increase the portion of the film, which was well received by users in the GC version.”
  • It is mentioned Sphere, an indito n-Space game. “Action of infiltration of female spies”.
  • Metroid, developed by Intelligent Systems. “Released some time after Metroid Prime“With this in mind, it could have been Metroid: Other M, finally developed by Team Ninja ?.
  • Project X from Retro Studios; the “action game with Sheik from Zelda: Ocarina of Time“.
  • KNIGHT Wars from Kuju; “Fantasy-based strategy with assets of Battalion Wars“.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl appears as Sora Project, developed by HAL and Game Arts.
  • “Sword Fighting Theme” developed by Y’sK. Further details of this mysterious title are unknown.
  • Mario Strikers Charged (called Super Mario Strikers 2) was planned to be launched earlier in the EU. Pretend to be a launch title.
  • Revo R by HAL. “Pop Art style graphics” Kirby indito, but the genre is listed as Racing.
  • Jump Super Stars for Wii? Developer listed as Ganbarion.
  • DDR Mario 2 on Wii. The developer is Konami, obviously.

In addition to the titles that you can find in the list, the same user has revealed that Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland it was initially called Tingle RPG Y was always intended for Nintendo DS. It also reveals the existence of a title called Plucker, which was proposed by the creador de Magic the Gathering. Captain Rainbow of Wii was originally thought of as a gamecube game. Which of the leaked titles catches your eye the most?

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