Lovers of the great strategy classics are in luck because it seems that the project to bring back Imperium: Great Battles of Rome, a work that came to Spain renamed as Imperivm 3: The Great Battles of Rome, has resurfaced. The drums of war began to beat back in 2018, when FX Interactive announced that they were working on an HD version of the classic originally released in 2004, but the thing remained there and nothing else was known. Up to now.

The person in charge of stoking the flame in social networks is Juan Carlos Caballero, better known as Adonas, who He has been posting mysterious messages on his personal Twitter account for a few days. dropping that soon we will see news about Imperium: Great Battles of Rome HD Edition. I first shared the sketch of a battle co-starring the Roman army, an image that left little to the imagination but did not give many clear clues either. You can see it under these lines.

Later, Adonas posted the following message on Twitter: “The most devilish gameplay. The most polished multiplayer. The ultimate battle is about to begin. #Hype #estnear”, a text also surrounded by mystery but that was accompanied by a short video presenting the logo of Real Time Conquest, which seems to be the engine on which this new version of Imperivm 3: The Great Battles of Rome, although, again, nothing is officially confirmed.

An independent project to be funded on Kickstarter?

The last data we have about this project, and which has revealed that it is the return of Imperium: Great Battles of Rome HD Edition, is an image that Adonas posted today on his personal Twitter profile. In her not only can you see the game logo, making it clear that this is an improved version of the strategy classic, but we also see the Kickstarter stamp, the page on which many independent projects seek funding through crowdfunding.

At the moment, the supposed microfinance campaign of Imperium: Great Battles of Rome HD Edition It has yet to appear on Kickstarter. In other tweets Adonas makes it clear to us that “soon” he will be able to share more information with all of us., so we have no choice but to wait. That s, it seems that finally the project to bring back this beloved title has gained weight and has become a reality. At least all the clues point to it.

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