Superman He has starred in not a few titles in the video game industry (we will never forget the 1998 Nintendo 64), but the truth is that we have not had the opportunity to see the one with the red cape have his own project in recent times. So Reddit user TJATOMICA wanted to get down to business testing what a Superman game developed on Unreal Engine 5 would look like. The result is spectacular, and it seems that it captures that kind of proposal that fans would like to see. You can take a look at it below:

Superman in Unreal Engine 5: Man of Steel with the latest technology

In the GIF we have the opportunity to see Superman taking flight from the roof of a building; an action that allows us to contemplate the city from the sky while we glide beside it. Unfortunately, TJATOMICA has not shown what combat mechanics would be or other features in your dream project. But, the truth, it seems that he had a suitable dynamics and atmosphere for an adventure of this beloved DC Comics character.

Keep in mind that this idea is developed by a single person, but that does not prevent us from enjoying the power and technology of the Unreal Engine 5 engine. We remind you that Epic Games you are looking to achieve photorealism with this software, which is based on two important pillars: Nanite (which allows to implement a great detail thanks to the micro-polygons) and Lumen (a global lighting system that responds instantly to changes in light).

Upcoming titles from Warner Bros. and DC

There are two video games related to the world of DC Comics underway: on the one hand, we find Gotham Knights, in charge of Warner Bros. Montreal, which invites us to become the new Dark Knight playing with Batman’s different allies, such as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin. It recently announced that it was delayed until 2022; time to debut for PCs and consoles of the past and current generation.

On the other hand, we discover Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: developed by Rocksteady, invites us to play the villains of Suicide Squad to destroy the Justice League. He recently introduced his characters, solo mode, and other features. Also be Available in 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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