Ibai Llanos has become one of the most important characters in Spain thanks to his live shows, his songs, his opinions, his messages of support for students or other groups, and the interviews he conducts with front-line guests such as Gerard Piqu or C. Tangana .

Yesterday he streamer Basque was, however, the one interviewed by Jordi wants to, the well-known journalist who chatted for a good handful of minutes with Ibai on his current program, Lo de vole, which aired yesterday night on La Sexta.

During the Interview Ibai talks about some intimate aspects of his private life such as the financial problems his family went through, his panic attacks or anxiety that you had to deal with for a while And he’s also given us headlines in the form of what he makes a year from Twitch or what he pays for rent.

In the interview Ibai confessed that currently has about 40,000 subscribers on Twitch in addition to having an agreement with the live platform that allows take 70% of each subscription. This translated into money means that Ibai receives 2.94 euros for each subscriber, which per month (maintaining this number of subscribers) represents an income of around 117.000 euros that will become in 2021 if it continues with a similar number at 1.4 million gross receipts.

From that amount you have to remove a few amounts such as what the Treasury takes in taxes, the salaries that Ibai must pay to his employees or the expenses of the mansion in which they currently live that amount to about 14,000 euros per month that at the end of 2021 will be about 168,000 euros.

On the other side of the balance of those 1.4 million euros that Ibai raised only by Twitch subscribers in 2021, other income such as donations, advertising agreements or the money that your YouTube channel.

His rejection of certain advertising campaigns and his defense for paying taxes in Spain

Ibai has also spoken in the interview about other interesting topics such as your defense for paying taxes in Spain since he sees logical that the one who has more money pays more to the state coffers and has also shown his refusal to sign advertising agreements with certain sectors.

For example the streamer stated that had the opportunity to be the image of a young bank who offered him a large amount of money but which he decided to reject because he was not comfortable being the face of a bank that perhaps in the future could evict a family. In addition I also know He was totally against offering bookmaker advertising no matter how much money they offer, stating that he realized long ago that they were a problem and confessing that his grandfather’s uncle had problems with gambling.

In addition Ibai also left a few other anecdotes and reflections on his life or streaming. If you want, you can see the entire interview by clicking here.

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