SEGA has postponed the premiere of Humankind, the game of 4X strategy from Amplitude Studios, from April 21 to August 17 2021 for PC and Google Stadia. Developers will use those extra four months on improve different aspects of the game after OpenDev tests in which the gaming community has been able to participate.

“It has been exciting to see the community get their hands on the game during the last OpenDev sessions and hear all the positive (and constructive!) Feedback,” he says. Romain de Waubert de Genlis, creative director and studio head in a press release received by this medium.

“Players have always been at the center of the Amplitude philosophy and the launch of Humankind in august allow us have extra time to continue working with the community and polish the game to get a incredible experience from day one“, abounds the person in charge of the game.

From Amplitude Studios they will focus on improving what is most criticized by players who were able to try four eras and 40 cultures of Humankind in OpenDev sessions. Thus, they will improve the accessibility, integration, rhythm, balance, diplomacy, artificial intelligence and other details that are delved into here.

The creators of Endless Space qualify the game as their “magnum opus”

“When we first announced our next strategy title
Humankind, we qualify it as our magnum opus and we meant it, “they add from the studio.” The response of the game so far has been incredible, in addition to being one of the most desired titles, the community has been very involved in the development every step of the way. “

Amplitude has published an infographic showing that players signed up for the OpenDev test have played 26,000 games with 2.7 million turns and 466,000 battles. More than 8.5 million districts have been built there. Likewise, 37,000 cases of friction with other civilizations by the borders.

Humankind estad

In June 2020 we were able to test the game and said in our impressions: “He wants to leave brand among the games of its genre and, with its first hours, it has given us long teeth, counting on very original concepts and attractions that add fun […]”.

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