Resident Evil 8: Village It was released last Friday on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, the latter platform where it has been especially well received, and during these first days there is a question that has been repeated over and over again both by those who have already entered the new installment of Capcom’s horror saga and among those who they plan to do it soon: food dura Resident Evil 8: Village?

After the first days in the market, and thanks to the fact that there are already a good number of people who have finished it, we can get an idea of how long is the main story of this new title, as well as how long it will take to get everything if we play in completist mode. If we go to the famous page How Long To Beat? we can see that the average game of the surveyed players is eight hours for the main story of Resident Evil 8: Village.

Medium duration, fast game, slow game, completist …

If we play in a slightly more leisurely way and investigate the recesses of the stage, the story with extras can last us around nine hours. It all depends, as usual, on how we like to play: if we go straight to the end, it seems that we can finish Resident Evil 8: Village in about six and a half hours, but if we like to indulge ourselves in the details we are likely to enjoy ten hours of main story.

And for the completists? Get 100% of Resident Evil 8: Village It is not an easy task -in fact it is always good to have a complete guide at hand-, although there are few people who have achieved everything, it seems that to make the most of this we will need a minimum of 32 hours.

Resident Evil 8: Village It is shorter than Resident Evil 7?

If we compare it with the previous main delivery, Resident Evil 7, we see that the average duration of a normal game is quite similar to that of the new game, about nine hours, while it seems the completion game is much longer now, since in the previous title getting everything could involve about 22 hours of play.

On Vandal we have also dealt with the issue of the duration of Resident Evil 8: Village in our analysis, where we detail that “going all the way is something that It took us exactly nine hours on its Normal difficulty exploring everything we could and without dying even once “and we value their “huge replayable values” Thanks to the fact that when we complete the main story a “challenge menu is unlocked, where we will be indicated a gigantic list of challenges to fulfill that will reward us with some points that we can invest in a special store to unlock weapons with infinite ammunition, modeling, illustrations, etc “.

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