PlayStation surprised yesterday by announcing the acquisition of Housemarque, studio fins known for recently launching Returnal exclusively for PS5, which has now become part of the PlayStation Studios family. In an interview with GQ, its co-founder Ilari Kuittinen He explained what this acquisition means to them: “I think Sony is the best positioned partner to help us develop beyond our limits,” he said.

Prior to Returnal, Housemarque was a studio known for designing games focused on the arcade, What Resogun O Nex Machina, a genre that they rejected and of which they came to say that “had died”. This new collaboration with Sony means that the studio can continue creating larger titles, as Kuittinen assured in the interview: “Returnal It has been like a stepping stone for us. When we think of future titles, perhaps they are even bigger and more ambitious“.

Taking advantage of what has been learned with Returnal to advance from there

For the co-founder of Housemarque, being inside PlayStation Studios is an honor that they will take advantage of to work on new projects more separate from their first titles and more related to their last work: “Well, at least initially I think we are going to analyze what we have made recently and build from there “, he assured in the interview, in which he also talked about how he feels after this acquisition:”We are very proud to be part of this group and we look forward to collaborating and learning from them. “

In that same interview he has also participated Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, who flatly denied when asked if the acquisition of studios is some kind of arms race in the video game industry: “No, not at all. We are very selective with the developers we bring“he explained.” The amount of collaboration between our external development group and Housemarque in the technical, management, production and even creative aspects has been very deep. So for us it made a lot of sense to do it, “he ended up saying.

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