After decades of small, arcade-focused projects, the creators of Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation, Resogun O Nex MachinaAmong others, Housemarque announced that it was moving away from the genre to work on ambitious titles and of a larger size. Returnal It is the first of its kind after the cancellation – or at least paralysis – of the battle royale Storm divers, Y the game for PlayStation 5 marking the future of the company. According to Mikael Haveri, Housemarque’s director of marketing, confirms that the intention is to continue with the projects of medium-high size.

“Yes, we have previously worked on two projects [simultneamente], and now with Returnal of course we only had one project. It’s hard to say if we’ll stick with a game or two in the future, but the idea is that Returnal define the type of games we want to do. We want to show that we are not just a ‘study of Resogun‘”, Yes OK Returnal it’s a bullet hell in third person that owes a lot to arcade shooter.

“We can do all kinds of things, and from a studio perspective that means we want to go for those kinds of bigger experiences. We still like arcades and little games. Who knows? We may be doing more in 26 years. But it really depends on the success we can have with the kind of experiences it represents Returnal“.

A leap in ambition with the usual success of Housemarque

Even if Returnal It has strayed a bit from the usual formula of previous games from the studio, the criticism has been as positive as usual in Housemarque. In our analysis we tell you that “Returnal is a great game that knows how to combine a multitude of ingredients with great success to create something unique, fresh and with personality. It may not be as replayable or as extensive as others roguelite, but the experience it offers us while it lasts is fantastic and highly recommended for any fan of science fiction and the most frenzied, unbridled and arcade action. If what he proposes catches your attention, don’t hesitate to give the new Housemarque a try. “

Housemarque wants to work in games of the size

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