Returnal is out now on PlayStation 5. This is the new action game from Housemarque, a studio known above all for its arcade titles. This is his biggest project, something that made him very risky for the studio and at a delicate time: Nex Machina It had been a critical but not a sales success, so they were forced to abandon these games. They were also studying launching a battle royale, Storm divers, but they recognized the difficulty to stand out among the greats –Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone-.

Although many players are already exploring this adventure with Selene, the developer has shown a new presentation of almost half an hour where we can see the first two biomes of the game and the general operation of the title, with explanations from narrative director Gregory Louden and director Harry Krueger. The team shows Atropos, the unlocking of the first weapons, some ruins and the first “real” boss of the game.

“As you can see in the video, you can still go back to certain areas after dying and start a new cycle, but with the difficulty of some of the enemies, Do you want to return quickly or do you take the time to upgrade your weapons and consumables?“, dice Housemarque.

The study’s most ambitious game

Returnal is a great game that knows how to combine with great success a multitude of ingredients to create something unique, fresh and with personality “, we counted in the analysis.” It may not be as replayable or as extensive as others roguelite, but the experience it offers us while it lasts is fantastic and highly recommended for any fan of science fiction and the most frenzied, riotous and arcade action. If what he proposes catches your attention, don’t hesitate to give the new Housemarque a try. “

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