U&I Entertainment Y afternoon games They are ready to bring players the bloodiest and most aesthetic shootouts in the video game world. In this way, they announce that Hotline Miami Collection to get in physical format to PS4 and Nintendo Switch this coming July 16, with a recommended price of 34,99 euros. This compilation brings together both the Hotline Miami original as its sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. But this purchase option also includes an exclusive illustration book of over 30 pages and one reversible cover.

Hotline Miami Collection come back this summer

The work of nen developed by Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital returns to the lives of the players with the physical version of Hotline Miami Collection. This compilation will allow users to enjoy both games on 2 discs (PS4) or game cartridge (Switch). Whether you want to get the collection on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, you will receive a gift an exclusive illustration book of over 30 pages, with a reversible cover.

The adventure will put players in the skin of a strange protagonist, who is obsessed with running a bloody revenge against the ruthless underworld. How will I do it? To do this, follow the orders of even stranger messages she gets on her answering machine. As this spiral of violence unfolds, users will have the opportunity to learn more about the motives of our particular hero.

Hotline Miami Collection para Switch y PS4 en f

Hotline Miami Collection announced on f

Hotline Miami Collection in physical for PS4 and Switch for 34.99 euros

On the other hand, our adventures will continue and conclude in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number: this time, players will have to follow in the footsteps of different factions. Each of these sides show their own methodology and motivations. “Reality, again, is blurred in a brilliant haze of nen and blood”, notes the synopsis. We will have to learn to master different variables of weapons and methods of execution, according to we annihilate everyone who crosses our path.

We remind you that Hotline Miami Collection be available for PS4 and Switch in physical next July 16 for 34.99 euros. “One of the most impactful indie franchises in recent years,” we wrote in our review for its Switch version.

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