Horror Tales: The Wine has been officially announced by the same Carlos Coronado, who has shared in his account Twitter personal the first details of survival horror in the first person. Carlos Coronado is a renowned Spanish video game developer that has to its credit a long history of developed and self-published titles, among which are games such as Coral O Infernium.

Horror Tales: The Wine is the first installment of a series of three titles of the new saga Horror Tales, which aims to explore terror from different perspectives. The two titles that follow are Horror Tales: The Beggar, which promises to give us an intense horror experience with experimental mechanics and atypical enemies and Horror Tales: The Astronaut, set in space and you play with terror in zero gravity.

Horror Tales: The Wine face tireless enemies as we try to escape from a city ravaged by a pandemic

Returning to the game at hand, Horror Tales: The Wine I know how to settle in the abandoned capital of a beautiful archpilago of the Mediterranean. The gentle breeze and summer heat seem to indicate that this is a perfect place to spend a vacation, but appearances are deceptive. The video game takes place years after a pandemic called Devil Fevers it will plague the entire city, leaving a trail of abandonment, misery and horrible nightmares. At the playable level, The Wine raises devious riddles to solve while being chased by an Nmesis that stalks us at every step we take and that tries to hunt us down. The map will be fully interconnected and will have a vertical layout. Also, the game will include more than 20 accessibility options so that it can be enjoyed by all players and a photographer way integrated to share our images with the community.

The video game has been developed and self-published by Carlos Coronado for the platforms of Steam Y Nintendo Switch. Versions of PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbos Series X/S have received the support of the team Jandusoft, responsible for porting and publishing the game to said platforms. Its launch is planned for summer 2021, it will come out at a price of 14,99 and be fully localized to our language. Do you want to be scared in front of the console during this hot summer?

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