PlayStation just published an interview with Hermen Hulst, president of PlayStation Studios, who has announced that God of War: Ragnarok (provisional name) delayed to 2022, the likes tend give money PS4, like Gran Turismo 7. He has also had time to talk about Horizon 2: Forbidden West, which was shown last Thursday in a spectacular gameplay, and of the one who said that they do not know if to arrive this year.

Horizon II Forbidden West is on the right track, but they still don’t know if it will come out this year

One of the doubts that Horizon Forbidden West After its presentation last Thursday it was that they did not give a launch date, and now we know the reasons: “We believe that we are on the way to be able to launch it this Christmas. But that still not entirely safe, and we are working as hard as we can to confirm it as soon as we can. “

Speaking about the challenges of the last year in video game development due to the pandemic, he comments that it has been a problem mainly due to access to certain specialized locations, such as motion capture studies, something that especially affects games as large and narrative as the new God of War or the sequel to Horizon.

“In the case of God of War, the project started a little later. So we made the decision to bring this game into next year, to make sure that Santa Monica Studio can deliver the amazing game of God of War that we all want to play. With these things, you have to give in to something. It cannot be the quality of our titles, and surely not be the health or well-being of our amazing team“.

In this way we will have to keep waiting to know the release date of Horizon II Forbidden West and to know if it launches this year, something that they should announce before the end of the summer. If you want to know more about this long-awaited game, you can read the preview that we have published in which we collect all the information and its news.

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