Horizon 2: Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives by gamers, and its latest State of Play recorded this: it was the most watched Sony broadcast to date, surpassing even the one dedicated to Demon’s Souls. Scheduled to debut both in PS4 as on PS5 in Spain and around the world, history is once again starring Aloy one more time. However, heroin has recently been the subject of debate in the community for a very clear reason: your physical appearance.

Aloy: Your design stirs up controversy among the community

In general, Aloy presents the same appearance as in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but the truth is that now enjoys greater realism and detail thanks to technological advances. Despite this, it is true that it is perceived slightly differently from the original title of Guerrilla Games. Most of the players were unaware of these changes, while others theorized that our heroine has been and for those his features have been modified by age.

This hypothesis, in any case, does not hold too much because the events of Forbidden West only six months pass after Zero Dawn. In other words: there is no narrative explanation that explains his physical change. In this way, we opted for the first option: the power of PS5 provides a more detailed and realistic Aloy appearance, allowing creators to give it a more human aspect and less cartoon.

Here we go again…

Leaving aside what could be an interesting technical debate, where the creative decisions that will have led Guerrilla Games to subtly modify Aloy’s image are put on the table, there are other types of messages that have been crowded in this regard on the networks. social. There are users who they directly propose a makeover because the protagonist looks “too masculine”. I’m having flashbacks of Vietnam because of this situation is very similar to the one that Abby starred in The Last of Us Parte 2, where he also charged at her “unladylike” appearance even though she is a cis woman.

As expected, The comment about how “masculinized” Aloy is has brought up all sorts of criticism and thoughts. Many have pointed out that the heroine probably won’t have time to touch up her makeup between battles (va Push Square).

They get angry with Aloy’s “masculinized” appearance

Leaving the sexist aspect of the issue to a link, it should be noted that players seldom admit unrepentant character trait alterations. Without going any further, when Peter Parker faced a design change in Spider-Man: Miles Morales criticism also rained down on Insomniac Games.

That said, Aloy looks very similar to the one she showed in Zero Dawn: Yes OK there are obvious improvements to the character model, which even includes a light layer of hair across his face, it just seems like a natural Guerrilla Games has taken advantage of the benefits of PS5. The study has been able pay more attention to detail, allowing the heroine to look, as we said, more realistic.

Forbidden West: Coming soon to PlayStation

The title invites us to accompany Aloy through the West Coast of the United States, allowing us to visit a post-apocalyptic city of San Francisco and roll through the passage of time. Forbidden West will include new mechanics: such as the ability to dive into the seabed. Our arsenal also includes a hook and a parasail, which will certainly facilitate our exploration. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will debut on PS4 and PS5. For more information, we invite you to read our advance.

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