Guerrilla Games previously confirmed the areas to which Aloy will travel Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West: Post-apocalyptic versions of San Francisco and Yosemite National Park (California). Pero habr “many, many more places” than those two, as explained by the narrative director Benjamin Mccaw In an interview.

“The use of America’s landmarks is really part of the DNA from Horizon, which allows us to develop the idea of ​​seeing a post-apocalyptic version of San Francisco covered in beautiful nature and full of those dangerous machines, “argues Mccaw, who says they have treated the new scenarios” as a extensin natural of what we did in Horizon: Zero Dawn“.

Horizon 2 Forbidden West open world location

Aade que Yosemite tendr “similar characteristics” to the “frozen nature” of the National Park of Yellowstone, the space located between the States of Myoming, Montana and Idaho used for The Frozen Wilds, the expansion of the original game that completely changed the type of environment that Aloy explored in the main story.

“With that said, the mysterious Western forbidden border spans much more than San Francisco or Yosemite“anticipates Mccaw.” And what you saw in the demo really just scratches the surface of what we have in the game. You’re going to visit many, many more places as you explore the open world. ”Also, in the sequel we won’t just be on the surface.

The underwater world: “a game of cat and mouse”

As we saw in the gameplay of the State of Play, one of the main novelties of Forbidden West be the possibility of explore the underwater depths with freedom thanks to the oxygen mask. But the machines will stalk from above and below. “And we’ve designed it to be a cat and mouse game in which you have to be very cautious with these machines “, explains the game director Mathjis de Jonge.

“Great part of underwater experience is also based on exploration. But we have given the game a variety of options for dealing with machines as you come across them so you can stealthily hide in the algae or tall grass that you see in the water, “continues de Jonge, who also informs us that there will be a dodge movement in the water.

Horizon 2 Forbidden West under water

“You may meet watercourses. You have to be careful with them, but you have the possibility to use them to your advantage and push yourself through them, “says the director. smoke bomb seen in the State of Play can also be used underwater, de Jonge advises that in the fighting the best tactic is to lure them to the ground [todas las mquinas subacuticas son anfibias], where you have much more freedom of movement. “

Horizon 2: Forbidden West reach PS5 and PS4 on an unspecified release date. Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Studios intend to have it ready by the end of 2021, but They do not rule out that it should be delayed to 2022. You can read more information from the interview here.

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