Guerrilla Games has shared numerous details of Horizon Forbidden West through interviews that the development team has given to different youtubers and the media, including Vandal. Among the relevant information that has been published here and there, the confirmation of a Performance mode in the PlayStation version 5.

The information comes from an interview with the youtuber French Julien Chize, where the Amsterdam team confirms that the Performance mode run at 60 frames per second. However, the resolucin, dynamic or native, which will run the game on PS5. The fluidity and the number of pixels in the Quality Mode. Also, of the let it be PS4, which we have not seen yet, they have only promised that it will look “amazing”.

A completely redone skill tree

In another interview, this time with Game Informer, have explained that skill trees from Horizon: Zero Dawn have been scrapped and remade for the sequel, while emphasizing the importance of a new technique for combat: Courageous start that we saw in the last State of Play.

“Courageous Startups are a new added that you acquire through the skill tree, which has been completely redesigned and repopulated with new skills, “Mathijs de Jonge tells the American media. designed to allow for different styles of play and each playstyle has Valorous Starts that you can unlock by spending skill points on them. The player can choose which Valorous Boot is active in every moment”.

Some of them allow blocking enemies and others doing a lot of damage. To use them you have to “play tactically” Headshots at enemies, extracting machine components, and other actions. These Increase experience bar while charging Valorous Snatch active at that time.

Horizon 2: Forbidden West reach PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 coming soon. The release date It is not confirmed, according to Hermen Hulst, head of Sony’s label, although he does not rule out that if the last stages of development advance fast enough it could be released in Spain and the rest of the world by the end of 2021.

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