Last week we were able to enjoy the State of Play dedicated to Horizon: Forbidden West, which gave us new details about the gameplay and the beautiful setting of the title of Guerrilla. In addition to the visual and playable section, we were also able to appreciate the first compositions of the soundtrack, which can already be heard through various platforms. A new sneak peek provided by PlayStation Blog has helped us get to know the minds behind the music of Horizon 2.

A new composer has been added to the team of the first video game to cooperate in creating the music

The original composers of Horizon: Zero Dawn they return for the sequel. The group is made up of several members: Joris de Man, Niels van der Leest and the do of the group’s composers The Flight. The aforementioned artists are joined by Oleksa Lozowchuk. The talk that the composers gave to PlayStation It is very broad and addresses the challenges of building on previous work, job sharing, and the challenges of the process.

Horizon 2: Forbidden West is an open world title and as such it has a lot of content, from characters, different tribes, enemies, locations, landmarks and everything you can imagine. As there was so much to cover, the team divided the work following the indications of Lucas Van Tol, Guerrilla Music supervisor. In his own words Van Tol: “On Horizon: Zero Dawn, our initial focus was on locations. This time we wanted to follow the story much more closely and create a more fluid and emotional experience, also outside the scenes. ” Joris de Man took it upon himself to compose more emotional scores that weren’t specifically tied to one area, while Niels van der Leest composed percussion music for specific events such as hunting and music for each tribal region.

Horizon Forbidden West includes new music and variations on familiar themes from the first installment

Oleksa LozowchukFor his part, he was charged with broader tasks, such as periodically supervising the work of all the composers to ensure there was cohesion. Lozowchuk he immersed himself completely in the soundtrack of the original title to immerse himself fully in the world of Aloy and so build variations and new themes for the sequel. This is a process that both the duet of The Flight What Joris de Man to find out what made the pieces they wrote for the first part work so well. The aloy’s theme, for example, return, although with variations to adapt it to the new video game. Oleksa believes the team has struck a great balance between returning music and new compositions: “You never want to alienate those who love the first game, but want to give you a lot to explore in the sequel.”

Lucas Van Tol wanted to use the occasion to add more information on how the soundtrack was created: “The key focus was creating organic textures and sounds, which would fit the aesthetics of the game world Horizon Forbidden West, while improving it from the sound on which it was based Horizon Zero Dawn; that means there is a little more synth work and synthetic textures that complement the organic tones as in the previous set. The key issue for me was always see the world through Aloy’s eyes. Once again, she is faced with a difficult task that influences the way she sees the world around her. “The supervisor I have made clear that Horizon 2: Forbidden West It is a special project and that making his music has been a unique experienceas he has challenged the team to think of new possibilities all the time.

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