One of the great playable novelties of Horizon Forbidden West It is the improvement in map exploration, up with the improvements in climbing and to the underwater world with diving in lakes or rivers. Developing the latter took years because water was a scarce element in the Horizon Zero Dawn and there was no option to investigate and even fight underwater. During the interviews of the last days the director Mathijs de Jonge has commented a little more about these new mechanics in the water.

Our engineers spent an incredible amount of time [trabajando] with water rendering and wave techniques. They probably spent years on that, “he tells GQ.” We’ve been able to put a lot of detail into the abandoned ruins of San Francisco. I don’t think many people have noticed, but each blade is rendered individually. “

In this sequel Aloy travel to new lands in the direction of California. The water serves to find the ruins of the old world, flee from enemies and, sometimes, confront them. Dive time will not be an issue thanks to one device, which will eliminate the time limitation, but Aloy will still have to account for reduced movement and ocean currents. Guerrilla Games ensures that the PS4 version will look incredible although there will be differences in detail between the versions – one of them is the water rendering technique. PS5 also includes a 60fps performance mode.

Development continues according to plan

Horizon Forbidden West It has no confirmed release date but the team hopes to meet the approximate window: Christmas 2021. “We believe we are on our way to launch this Christmas. But that’s still not entirely certain, and we’re working as hard as we can to confirm it as soon as we can, “the studio commented in its last presentation with gampelay.

Horizon Forbidden West: Llev

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