Despite continuing with Aloy’s plot, Horizon Forbidden West it has been created thinking of players who have not tried Horizon: Zero Dawn, both at the narrative level and at the mechanical level. This has been confirmed to us Mathjis de Jonge, Game Director, in an interview where he told us about Guerrilla Games effort to create this sequel.

De Jonge says there will be “a lot of players who will will debut in this saga with this game“, so they have designed” a situation in which we can include them in the best possible way. “” And we will also have players who completed Horizon: Zero Dawn or they played it a lot. We have to worry about both groups, basically”.

“And that’s very interesting when you do a sequel: how you design a game for two groups of different people “, continues the main person in charge of the title.” But I think that we have solved in a way that will work very well“One of those ways is to introduce new mechanics gradually so as not to overwhelm the new players.

Horizon 2 forbidden West

He assures that “there will be a feeling of familiarity with the previous game, but there will also be quite a few new features. Gradually we will open the world and we will incorporate all the new tools and features we’ve added to this game. ”

To ensure it works, they are testing the title “with real players during development, where ‘testers’ are divided into two groups. One has played Horizon before and the other not. So we constantly test our ideas to see if we are on the right track and if we have found the perfect balance for everyone“, he concludes.

A sequel where “expectations are very high”

The fact that Horizon Forbidden West Having a world, a game style, a protagonist and other mechanics to build on makes development easier, but also puts a lot of pressure on the Guerrilla Games team to “the game lives up to expectations”, and these are “very high”, and Palabras de the Younger.

Horizon 2 Forbidden West gameplay State of Play

“For much of the development time we are focused on the struggle of making the game and creating the best experience we can,” says the director. “Make a sequel gives us a great start. There is a lot of technology already developed. Much of the structure is already designed to some degree. “

However, “the great challenge is to discover and find what is the new story, the new scenarios that we will go through, the new locations, the new machines. Much time and effort goes into answering that because Horizon Forbidden West takes place on a new map. We want to surprise players with lots of new things“.

Horizon Forbidden West reach PS5 and PS4, although there is no set release date. From PlayStation Studios they hope to publish it to late 2021, but they do not rule out that it may be delayed to 2022, as has happened with God of War: Ragnarok, whose premiere has been confirmed also for PS4 as in the case of Gran Turismo 7.

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