Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of the most notable new IPs in the catalog of exclusive PS4. Guerrilla Games, study in charge of the saga Killzone, gave life to this new adventure set in a world full of advanced technology machines. The new title earned applause and respect from the press and the public. Due to its success, it was inevitable to think that a sequel would be on the way sooner rather than later. And so it was, since Horizon 2: Forbidden West was announced as the culmination of the official presentation of PS5.

On Thursday, May 27, a new State of Play will be held with new gameplay of the Horizon sequel

Guerrilla Games has announced through his Twitter who from the studio are very excited to show more details about this new installment. East Thursday, May 27, a new State of Play will be held, the official event of Sony to reveal news of their titles, and Horizon 2 will make an appearance. Eleven months have passed since the official unveiling of the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn and users can finally see a little more about the playability of the new game. The event start at 11:00 PM (UK time), but from 18:00 you will be able to see a unique countdown created for this State of Play.

Since Guerrilla Games Y PlayStation promise that Horizon 2: Forbidden West will have a great role during the event. Will show 15 minutes completely untouched and starring Aloy, the heroine from the first video game. The images to be displayed will have been previously captured on a PS5, although it must be remembered that the game will be intergenerational and will also appear on PS4. According to them, the team of Guerrilla They have gone out of their way to deliver this presentation and are very excited to show what’s new. You want this new one State of Play focused on Horizon 2: Forbidden West?

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