A few hours ago Guerrilla Games showed the first gameplay of Horizon 2: Forbidden West on PlayStation 5 -also coming to PS4- during a State of Play dedicated to Aloy’s new adventure. Although it is not a “fair” comparison since it is a generation jump, the objective of inhabit the bits is to see the improvements made by the Sony studio in terms of detail and interaction. The original presentation also featured many other gameplay advancements, including more vertical exploration moves, new weapons, and new robotic creatures. Horizon 2 It will be released soon on both PlayStation on a date that has not yet been confirmed.

Although it is not easy to calculate the exact resolution with a video taken from Youtube, inhabit the bits believes that it works at 4K resolution and 30 images per second, although he does not rule out that it offers a performance mode at 60 fps as many other games have done – including those of Sony, in the case of Spider-Man: Miles Morales O Demon’s Souls-. The sequel polishes two aspects that had been criticized in the original, the facial animations – now much more expressive – and the effect of water, something logical because unlike Zero Dawn now it is a very important part of the exploration. “There is a considerable increase in geometry in the environment with respect to the prequel. It is likely that PS4 will suffer cuts in this regard,” says the video, which has not found use of the ray-tracing.

Horizon 2 It presents much more variety of vegetation and reacts to Aloy – in the first it was not always so. The arena has also improved and you can see the footprint of combat and even the rays thrown by a mammoth-type creature; expansion Frozen Wild He had already made progress in this regard with his snow. The destruction of the environment has taken another step forward, with many trees and buildings likely to be removed.

A post-apocalyptic and heavenly vision of San Francisco

This demo takes place in San Francisco, or at least the rest of the city. Nature has consumed the buildings although it is still possible to see some ruins of civilization, even under lakes. Horizon 2 allow you to dive the water bottom to find new resources, secrets or simply dodge enemies … Although water also hides its own dangers.

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