Focus Home Interactive Y Sumo Digital have distributed a new trailer of Hood: Outlaws & Legends, the new cooperative and competitive action game that will arrive in Spain on May 10 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via SteamAlthough we remind you that if you reserve it, you will have a three-day early access and you can start playing from May 7.

The dynamics of the games

This time the video focuses on showing us a very detailed gameplay commented of more than 8 minutes of duration in which its managers explain us how to play, as well as all its characteristics and peculiarities, so that we can get a very good idea of ​​what the development of each game will be like and of the various possibilities that we will have when planning our strategies. On the way, It will also help us to see for ourselves how the game looks at a graphical and performance levelBecause everything they teach us is captured directly from the game itself.

The importance of stealth

As we said at the beginning, Hood: Outlaws & Legends it is a multiplayer action game in which we will not only face a multitude of enemies controlled by the AI ​​in an environment of medieval character, but also another team of players while we try to fulfill our objectives. Another of its main characteristics we will have in the enormous importance that its gameplay gives to stealth, so we must learn to move between the shadows to ambush our rivals, gather information and know the position of the enemies, which will allow us to gain an important tactical advantage that, in general, can tip the balance to one side or other.

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