It is almost our daily bread to see news about drug trafficking or smuggling of some kind, with criminals trying to sneak prohibited substances or totally legitimate products through the borders of some country but that they would have to declare and pay if they crossed a border normal.

This contraband now reaches the world of hardware and that of the graphics cards with the Hong Kong authorities seizing a total of 300 NVIDIA CMP 30HX graphics cards designed for the cryptocurrency miner that a group of criminals wanted to get to the territory illegally across the coast.

The operation began when the authorities saw a suspicious fishing vessel very close to the Hong Kong International Airport, a very suspicious place to carry out a fishing activity that set off alarms and they decided to monitor the movements of that “fishing” boat.


A movie boat chase

After a few hours of surveillance the authorities observed how around 2 a.m. a high-speed boat was approaching the fishing boat and began to load bulky-sized boxes. After uncovering the cover, the police began a chase against the boat of yore at high speed that ended with the crew of the boat escaping from the authorities but with him captain of the detained fishing boat and with his boat confiscated.

Among the contraband material from the boat were 300 grficas NVIDIA CMP 30HX, some new GPUs made especially for the cryptocurrency miner, as well as smartphones, peripherals, technological products of different kinds and exotic food. It should be remembered that these new NVIDIA graphics designed to get the most out of cryptocurrency tasks are not yet for sale although they have begun to appear listed in some Asian stores for a price of about $ 723.

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