The dreaded drift The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con is a very controversial topic that has been talked about for years. Despite the fact that Nintendo assured in December last year that they would study the cases of damaged Joy-Con, the truth is that the problem is so widespread that the European Union has been investigating the case since the beginning of the year. However, users affected by this common Joy-Con bug should not fear, since YouTube user VK has managed to find a home method to fix the Switch controllers.

The problem can be solved with a plastic card

The published video in question, called How to fix your Joycon Drift permanently!, helps users identify the origin of the failure of the Joy-Con in addition to proposing a homemade solution. The latter is viable as long as you are willing to lose the warranty on the console, since the repair is totally internal and requires disassembling the controls of the hybrid console. VK has found that pushing down on the plastic around the left stick – usually the most affected one – prevents it from moving. Starting from this principle, the most logical solution is to find a way to permanently press this piece specifically to prevent the annoying Joy-Con from occurring drift.

The solution that arises from the video is to open the Joy-Con affected by the drift Y add inside a 1mm thick plastic card below the analog stick. There have been few users who have appreciated this user contribution to the community affected by the problem. “You are a life saver!”, “I hope this video goes viral so that people can solve this problem more easily” or “If my Joy-Con start having problems in the future, try this” were some of the comments. most prominent. The problem of drift of the Joy-Con could affect the future new model of Nintendo Switch OLED, since it shares the same models as the other versions of the Nintendo hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch OLED shares the same Joy-Con as the original console

Drift also affects the DualSense

Nintendo was not the only company affected by cases of drift at your controls. In mid-February of this year, a United States law firm filed a class action lawsuit against Sony over the problems of drift of DualSense for PS5. On this specific case we find some solutions that may be useful in case you have been affected by this problem, since it is a fairly general problem.

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