Hideo Kojima, the well-known director and writer of titles highly recognized by the community as Metal Gear Solid O Death Stranding, recently published a tweet that has excited some PS5 community users since, as they indicate, it could be a hint about a possible future collaboration with the brand.

Hideo Kojima publishes the interview with the director of PS Studios and users think about a future collaboration

Despite Which ones does not explicitly mention anything related to a possible job he could do Kojima Productions, his study, with PlayStation, there have been few users who have interpreted the tweet as a guide from the creative. Which ones share in your tweet the PlayStation Blog article interviewing the director of PlayStation Studios and he is asked, among other things, for future collaborations with studios. Hermen Hulst, director of PlayStation Studios, clarify that he feels that the studies that collaborate with Sony, What Kojima Productions, are part of PS Studios although these are not studies of PlayStation as such.

Beyond the brief mention of the study of Hideo Kojima, Holly I didn’t mention anything about a future collaboration with this one. However, users consider that the mere mention of Hideo Kojima’s study in the article and the fact that the creative shared the interview They are very strong indications that a collaboration between the two entities is imminent. It seems that fans of PlayStation are excited at the thought of thinking that Which ones could work with the brand again in the future, as happened with Death Stranding, which was originally released for PS4 and later I left in PC. Over time we will see if the suspicions of the users end up being fulfilled, although at the moment we cannot confirm anything since they are mere community guesses and wishes.

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